Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poor Yellow Man

        Well we woke up this morning and my wife went to turn on the lights to her dart frog cage and she noticed one of her frogs wasn't moving. We tried touching it but it still didn't even flinch. We really have no clue what happened. Maybe the others beat up on it, or it had some king of disease when we got it. Who knows. Anyways there goes thirty bucks...:(

Monday, May 30, 2011

Male Pastel

         This is my nice little pastel male ball python that i picked up from the Reptile expo this past time. He is eating very well, but has some small problems shedding. As you can see in the picture some of the scales are still attached to his head near the eye. I got most of it off of his head but i was scared i was going to poke his eye out if i tried to get closer. Anyways enjoy.

In the second picture above you can see the piece of his old skin. (To the right of his eye) Im sure it will get better with the right humidity. I got him for $70, i feel like that was a pretty good price.


          My friend Rick's Hognose snake started laying eggs the other day while i was over there. She laid three eggs, then five eggs, then seven eggs, and last i checked she was up to fourteen eggs. She may have laid more after i left. It was pretty cool to see.


         I picked a couple of Emperor Scorpions from a person around here. These are the first scorpions i have owned. There pretty cool but seem to only be active at night. They are feeding pretty well on dusted crickets. One of my friends is going to pick me up two more scorpions that are native to Arizona. I cant remember what they are called. I will have pictures posted of them once i receive them. Here is a picture of one of the Emperor Scorpions i got.


         I was at my friends house the other day just talking and picking up some mice. I walked back to my car to get a bucket to put the mice in when Rick started yelling my name. I ran over to where he was and i handed him the snake stick. This little guy had crawled into the shed where the mice are kept. He must have been looking for a snack. Anyways i kept him for a little while then i let him go.

Herping the other day.

      I went herping the other day for over three hours. I was so excited because it was a nice day and i felt sure i would find a few snakes. Well needless to say this is all i found.
A stinking snail. Lol. On the way out when we were about to get in the truck and leave i found this large skink crawling up the wall. He had to be at least 10 inches long.

Pays to have friends lol

     I have been helping out my friend once a week in his reptile room. His ball python eggs just hatched the other day and out came two albinos and three hets. He looked at me and said here pick out the ones you want and there yours. He game me a male albino and a female het. So in a couple of years i should be producing albinos. Im excited :)

Its been a while...

       Well its been a long time since i last posted. I have been pretty busy. I have recently picked up a part time job where i clean rodent cages. My pay is free rodents for my snakes so i no longer have to buy them. Plus there live and i no longer have to thaw out dead ones. Ive gotten several new snakes since i last posted and i've also sold quite a few. Lol. Anyways life is pretty good right now.