Thursday, June 9, 2011


         I was driving through the country, in what i believe is still considered Goldsboro, and behind this trailer in the middle of a trailer park i see this....
I don't know about you, but i don't believe i want any part of what goes on here. I can see the belt buckles and leather cowboy hats already. Its kind of funny that its a Music hall, snack bar, game room and flea market all in one. A real one stop shop lol.

Update on Latest Finds

         Last night around 9 pm I walked across these two species of frogs. The first one is either an adult pickerel frog or a leopard frog. The second is of a cricket frog. The cricket frog was really cool. I was pretty excited about the finds.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest Finds

         I went looking around the pond behind my house and below are a couple finds I had while I was out and about. First find is a pickerel frog.

  These are pretty cool frogs. Click here for more information on this species.
This next frog is a Fowlers Toad i believe.

Click here for more information on this species.
This snake is one my friend Rick caught the other day. One of my favorite snakes.

A very nice ringneck snake. Click here for more information.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tractor Show

         My wife made me go to this tractor show a while back. I was dreading it and hoping she would forget all about it, but guess what? She didn't. I told her that Im not a redneck and there is no way that will be fun. Nevertheless we loaded up in the car and headed up to the show. It took us about forty-five minutes to get there. Once we arrived, my greatest fears were realized. Lol. Overalls and John Deere as far as the eye could see. Turns out i had more fun than my wife. Go figure, maybe Im more of a redneck than I think.... Anyways here is some pictures for the show.
I kept wanting to say, "Let's go John Boy"

Henry Ford would be proud.

Lol how lame.

Drive it like you stole it Cooter.
The engine is super quiet in this bad boy.

Has Seen Much Better Days.

I Had Never Seen a Pink PortaJohn Before.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pretty Little Flowers

         Below are some pictures of flowers I have seen either in the yard or out in the woods and i figured i would share them. Life is way to busy and i think people should slow down and enjoy nature. God created it for our enjoyment. "God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but on the trees and flowers and clouds and stars." ~Author Unknown

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few Random Finds From This Year

         Here is a few random finds of animals other than snakes. This is just a few things i have seen or caught. This year has been the year for turtles. Ive probably seen at least twenty in recent days and Ive caught four or five, to take pictures of then release. Here are pictures of a few of them.

Im no expert on turtles, but i believe this may be a Yellowbelly Slider. I haven't studied turtles enough to know yet.
This little guy is a Spotted Turtle. I do know that for sure. :)

And another Yellowbelly Slider i think. They seem to be pretty popular around here.
Here is a couple bugs i took a picture of. I was just messing around with the camera and got these. First off is a lady bug, very RARE lol.

A Passalid Beetle, that seems to be missing some legs from battle or something, but amazingly he was still alive. The last picture is something from the ocean and i have no idea what its called, but it seemed like a good picture. Enjoy.