Wednesday, February 9, 2011


       We were on a job working one day when all of a sudden a truck drove up. The tags were from somewhere like California. The door swung open and i could see cowboy boots with spurs hooked to them. A short little man hopped out of the truck and made his way over to us. He was dressed in plaid, a nice leather cowboy hat, and one of those rope ties they wear. All this garb was topped off with a sparkly gold belt buckle the size of a 15 inch rim. He opened his mouth an spoke with a strong country draw, which he probably made up to fit the part of poser cowboy. He said, "Hey Fellas, My name is Bronco Billy and i cut wood for a livin." It was hard to control the laughter, but you don't want to hurt the guys feelings. He needed some directions and then he was on his way. The only thing i wish is that i would have had my camera to get a shot of this guy. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeding Time for Reticulated Python and Boa

       I happened to be at the serpentarium for there feeding time. I tried to get a good video but there was too many people. You can still get what it looks like from the video though. They are feeding the reticulated pythons full grown jack rabbits and the boa they gave a large rat. Enjoy :)

        Sadly, i didn't get the chance to hold one of them. :( They also had an anaconda there that they feed a 40 pound pig to. They were feeding him on Sunday though.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


        The story i am about to tell happened to a friend of mine and i don't think he would mind me sharing it. My friend was at home all alone and was laying in the bed with all the lights off. He was about to go to sleep after he told his wife to be goodnight on the phone. All of a sudden he heard a loud noise and glass shattering all over the place. He immediately thought someone had broken in. He jumped up and grabbed the fireplace poker and crept through the house. He noticed the bathroom door was shut so he tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. He started yelling out things to the burglar and beat on the door. He managed to get the door cracked open and stuck the fireplace poker inside and began swinging it around. He finally got into the bathroom and a picture had fallen off the wall and it knocked over a porcelain lighthouse which shattered on the floor. The picture had fallen and wedged itself on the door holding it shut. He said he felt really stupid. LOL

Reptile Man

       We are going to go and visit the Serpentarium in Wilmington. The owner of the place is addicted to reptiles. He was younger than 13 when he started keeping snakes. At the age of 13 he was bitten by a venomous snake and was placed in the hospital for two weeks. When he was only 15 he keep gaboon vipers and black mambas in his attic. He has been bitten by over 12 venomous snakes and lived. He was bitten by the bushmaster 7 times. Check out his full biography.   Click Here
My Baby Hognose

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More on Lyle

        If you didn't pick up on it from the first post about Lyle, he is one of those people who is penny smart and dollar foolish, if you know what i mean. Ive been told that this man has over 15 million in banks not counting assets. He took a friend of mine out to eat at a restaurant and the bill was 120 bucks and he was fine with that. Afterward, he was fussing about the price of clothes at goodwill.
        He sent a guy today from Wilmington all the way to Marmac to pick up a few 2x4s rather than going to Lowes and buying them. He probably spent 45 bucks in gas to keep from buying 10 bucks worth of wood. He hired a man and paid him 5 bucks an hour to pull nails out of 10 foot boards rather than go by new wood. It took the guy an entire day to pull out the nails which cost him around 45 bucks for 20 bucks worth of wood. Smart isn't he? He spends his day riding around looking for things like old fishing poles people have left under the docks and such as that. He is also the richest man i have ever known to go dumpster diving. The more i see this man the funnier it is. :)