Sunday, August 7, 2011

Living in the Boondocks

         From my experience of living out here in the boondocks not much ever happens. Apart from the smell and the 20 mile rides to the grocery store its a pretty nice place to live. The other day something pretty unexpected happened. Amanda busts in the door at like six in the morning and she is freaking out. I thought by her reaction that someone was breaking in or something like that, so i was about to grab my gun. She informed me there was a opossum on the porch. I was like seriously, you wake me up for that. She begins calling everyone she knows and telling them about the beast that is laying on our porch. After much debate on the phone, while i try to go back to sleep, she concludes the thing has rabies. After seeing that Im not going to be able to get back to sleep until i do something to remove this animal, i finally get up. Opossum's are some of the most ugly animals i think i have ever seen. Nevertheless i grabbed the shovel and proceeded to remove the thing. Finally he woke up from where i laid him and returned to where he came from. Now maybe we can all sleep in peace now.

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