Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More on Lyle

        If you didn't pick up on it from the first post about Lyle, he is one of those people who is penny smart and dollar foolish, if you know what i mean. Ive been told that this man has over 15 million in banks not counting assets. He took a friend of mine out to eat at a restaurant and the bill was 120 bucks and he was fine with that. Afterward, he was fussing about the price of clothes at goodwill.
        He sent a guy today from Wilmington all the way to Marmac to pick up a few 2x4s rather than going to Lowes and buying them. He probably spent 45 bucks in gas to keep from buying 10 bucks worth of wood. He hired a man and paid him 5 bucks an hour to pull nails out of 10 foot boards rather than go by new wood. It took the guy an entire day to pull out the nails which cost him around 45 bucks for 20 bucks worth of wood. Smart isn't he? He spends his day riding around looking for things like old fishing poles people have left under the docks and such as that. He is also the richest man i have ever known to go dumpster diving. The more i see this man the funnier it is. :)

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