Wednesday, February 9, 2011


       We were on a job working one day when all of a sudden a truck drove up. The tags were from somewhere like California. The door swung open and i could see cowboy boots with spurs hooked to them. A short little man hopped out of the truck and made his way over to us. He was dressed in plaid, a nice leather cowboy hat, and one of those rope ties they wear. All this garb was topped off with a sparkly gold belt buckle the size of a 15 inch rim. He opened his mouth an spoke with a strong country draw, which he probably made up to fit the part of poser cowboy. He said, "Hey Fellas, My name is Bronco Billy and i cut wood for a livin." It was hard to control the laughter, but you don't want to hurt the guys feelings. He needed some directions and then he was on his way. The only thing i wish is that i would have had my camera to get a shot of this guy. :)

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