Monday, January 31, 2011

Gypsy Genealogy

         This post is going to be about my family on my moms side. They were, by all accounts, rather strange, living lives like gypsies. My grandfather had six brothers and sisters. They would all work together and live near each other most of their lives. They even moved at the same time. They went from state to state living for a while then moving on. One day while sitting at dinner one of the brothers said, "I think its time to move." So they got up and left all there belongings and even the food they had prepared on the table and moved. You may be thinking I'm making this up, but it is the honest truth. They all ended up in California.
          One of the brothers, while living in California, bought a whole room furniture set on credit. He then turned around and sold all the furniture and kept the money. The furniture store man asked him for his money, but he wouldn't pay him. The furniture store man was forced to turn it over to collections. The brother found out that they couldn't do anything as long as you were trying to pay something so he sent the man an envelop with one dollar in it.
          They lived like gypsies for years and years. I guess technically they were gypsies. :) But they eventually stopped the living on top of each other and started there own lives so to speak. I will probably post more stories of each of them later on. This was probably one of there houses. LOL

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