Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bo Time!

        This story is about a man i met about a year ago. He is good friends with Patriot Phipps whom i mentioned in an earlier blog. This man is a character in a league of his own. First off the reason for the title is because this man says Bo after everything he says. An example, he said, "That porch looks good BO i swear it do Bo".
        The story begins one Saturday on visitation with the church. We went up to a house and knock on the door. A mix between Santa Claus and ZZ Top answers the door. "Hey BO" he says. I knew right then this guy was a character. After he finished telling us his life story and we told him about Jesus, we left. Soon after the preacher went to go see him again and his foot was all wrapped up. The preacher asked him what happened because his whole big toe was hanging off. He said, "I shot my toe Bo". The preacher said you better get to the hospital and get that checked out. Its going to setup gain green and your going to lose your whole foot. "Bo them doctors will kill ya Bo, ill just soak it in that Epsom's salt Bo" he replied. I could say alot more but I'm all out of time so have a good day BO.

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