Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lyle the Crocodile...

            First off this story is true, but Lyle is not a crocodile, he is in fact a human. However Lyle the human does not rhyme so i chose crocodile, plus its and attention grabber. I learned that at school, yes i went to school despite my terrible writing skills. Anyways on to the real story. The story of Lyle. We are working for a guy now, Lyle, who is a multimillionaire. He owns over 75 houses mostly in Wilmington. He is so tight that he bought his office in Wilmington and it had two bedrooms. One of the rooms he converted to living space and has rented it out to someone. The man drives a little Nissan truck and has never had a single new shirt in his life. He told me that out of his own mouth. He goes to consignment shops to buy them. This man, honestly, bought a wife from Asia. His reason was because there used to living with nothing so she wont expect me to buy her things. Anyways we finished the house for him and he called his manager and asked to borrow some money from him to pay us. (His manager is just barely getting by like we are.) He wanted to borrow money because if he took his money out of the bank before the end of the month he would lose a few bucks in interest. People blow me away. The ones that are filthy rich wont spend it and the ones like me cant get enough to spend. Ha Ha guess that's how the world goes. Also contact Lyle if interested in renting beautiful, scenic properties like whats pictured below. 

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