Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sand and Seashells

       One of my favorite memories when i was a child was when me and my friend went camping on an island off the coast. The cabins and buildings are no longer there now due to a hurricane that destroyed everything. We got up early and packed our bags and headed to the ferry that would take us to the island. We went mainly to fish but i don't think either of us even cast the first time. This island had sand dunes that you were actually allowed to play on. It was covered with them. We started out playing hide and go seek and games such as that until we ran up on a raccoon. It was broad daylight and he was moving all around, so thinking it could have rabies we ran. We went out to the beach part and my dad had caught a blow fish. Dont tell animal rights lovers, but we began to play ball with the inflated fish. What im about to tell you is the main reason for this story, I was standing there minding my own business while my friend was throwing seashells toward the ocean. Well just as he threw one the wind caught it and swirled it around and it hit me square in the head. My head started bleeding like crazy. Anyways it was a fun trip. :)

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