Thursday, January 27, 2011

State of the Union???

        Am i the only one that sees all of Obama's speeches are the exact same thing. He says the same thing every speech in a little different order. State of the Union was his campaign speech! And how is building a train going to help us? My fellow Americans you have no jobs, no money, and most of you have lost your houses, but there is good news! I'm proposing we build a train so you can ride to the unemployment office and you will no longer have to walk. And as you all know elections are coming up and i want you to know i am now in the middle and no longer a left wing nut job. (I'm just kidding prince harry I'm still on your team just don't tell the Americans.) Furthermore, unemployment was at 6 percent before my policies and now its 9 percent. Only one of two things could have happened, 1. Its Bushes Fault! or 2. We didn't spend enough money, because everyone knows the fastest way out of debt is to spend more! (Learned that at Harvard) We have to cut spending! Moving on now to My Masterful Health Care Law which was signed by my divine hands. Now look all bills can be improved and this one is no different. I'm looking at you republicans. I know all of America wants this trash burned but did Hitler give up when he was this close? I don't think so. Anyways America looks good and if theres anymore problems Bush did it. Time for me to go on Vacation.
        (State of the Union speech paraphrased)

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