Monday, January 24, 2011

Left Handed Deerslayer

        So far all the stories i have written have been about other people. Well this one is about me. I was in the seventh grade and i was really small for my age. In seventh grade i looked like i should be in the third. My dad is a avid deer hunter and he loved for me to go with him. This particular day it was pretty cold and i didnt want to go, but dad insisted and i eventually gave in. I put on my camo and got in the truck. Me and my dad both got in the same tree stand and waited for the deer to come. All of a sudden out of nowhere a pretty decent sized buck steps out. I begged my dad to give me the gun so i could shoot him. He gave me the gun and told me to shoot him. I had the gun in my left hand and i am not left handed. I guess the adrenaline got the best of me. I looked through the scope (with my left eye) and took the shot. The gun slipped off my shoulder and the rim of the scope nailed me right above my eye. Blood went everywhere and i started to feel light headed. I had to go to the hospital and got eight stitches above my eye. At least i killed the deer.

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