Sunday, January 23, 2011

Patriot Phipps

        Let me just say right up front, we live in a very strange town full of very different people. The story I'm going to tell you today took place about 20 years ago. It started with one man who decided he wasn't going to pay his taxes on his land that year. Well the man was informed by authorities that his land would be seized and put up for auction if he failed to pay his taxes. He was told this countless times yet he still refused to pay. Just as the authorities had said, the land was seized and put up for auction.
          A farmer placed the highest bid and got the land. This didn't set well with patriot Phipps as you can imagine. Patriot Phipps gets the bright idea hes going to make it hard on the farmer who bought the land. What did he think that would prove? Anyways he filled the land with glass and other sharp objects to cut the mans tractor tires. This made the farmer pretty upset, you would be upset to if you had to buy new tractor tires, there not cheap. Anyways over and over Patriot Phipps did this to the man. Let me clear one thing up, i do not believe this man is a Patriot, i just call him that because that is what he calls himself. The farmer decided to do something about this madness so he got the police involved and they did a little stake out. Patriot Phipps showed up with his son and he was up to no good again. The farmer or one of the men with him shot at Phipps but it missed and struck his son and killed him. Phipps was injured by a second shot.
         From that day on he has held a grudge. The man built a hang mans noose in his front yard and now I'm told he has it on a trailer so he can drive it around for all to see. I'm not sure why he is like this, but he was told several times what would happen, and he kept on anyways. He now goes to Raleigh and other places carrying his large trailer trying to prove something. Moral of the story, listen to authorities and just pay your taxes.

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